Why Siding Matters To Your Home

Why Siding Matters To Your Home

A home has many parts, some of them moving, and some of them not. In many cases, it’s the parts that don’t move that are the most important. A break in your water or sewage pipes is often more serious than laundry machine issue, for example. 

Then there is the siding outside your home. The Akron and Canton areas get the full-brunt of American seasons, so there’s always a risk of rain, snow, and even tornados under the right conditions. It’s your home’s exterior siding that bears the brunt of that, but what exactly is siding doing for your home? And when should you think about repairing or replacing it?

It’s Armor

The easiest way to think of your home’s exterior siding is that it is, in its own way, the armor plating that is protecting both the internal structure of your home and you and other family members that live inside it. While siding is not necessarily thick, like huge blocks of stone for a castle, it is incredibly resistant to the elements, without adding structural stress to a home.

Siding protects the home from moisture from sources such as rain or snow. It protects the residents from harsh winds that can tear branches off trees. And in the winter, good siding is part of the insulation system that allows residents to stay warm without paying massive bills every month in heating.

The Damage

When siding works as intended, you never know it’s there, and go about your business at home. However, when it stops doing what it’s supposed to, there is a wide range of negative consequences that may affect your home. A break in the siding can be the entry for pests, which can be especially bad in the autumn as both insects and rodents look for shelter against the winter season. 

Beyond that, damaged siding can allow in moisture, such as rain. If this gets into your insulation or seeps into the wall, you can get water damage along your walls, or even become infected with mold, which presents a respiratory threat to all family members. You can even start paying more for your heating and cooling as your insulation fails to keep your processed air indoors and leaks it to the outside.

Get It Done Right

If you’re wondering whether your siding is in good shape or not, here are the signs to look for. On the outside, keep an eye out for warped, or even missing in siding. Internally, keep an eye out for stains or water damage on walls or wallpaper. This may be an indication that a water pipe is leaking if one is in that area of the wall, but if there is no pipe, it’s likely that a structural defect in your siding is now admitting in rain and snow.

If you’ve got these issues, protect your home, your health, and your investment; bring in the experts. Get experienced contractors like ACR Contracting who have been serving the Akron and Canton area for years with reliable, quality service. 

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