3 Signs You May Need A New Window

3 Signs You May Need A New Window

Most of the time homeowners only really worry about windows when there’s an accident, like the ever-popular errant baseball crashing into a home in Akron 

But windows are an important part of a home’s “health,” and visible cracks—or a break in the glass—aren’t the only times you need to be on the lookout for replacing or repairing your windows. These three signs are big indicators that it’s time to think about a major upgrade. 

Wood Frames Display Rot Or Decay 

This is especially relevant for people that live in older homes that still use wooden window frames. In some cases, this simply means the home has yet to upgrade to modern window systems. In other cases, this may be a deliberate feature, such as with historical homes in Akron, where there’s an effort to preserve as much of the original structure and workings as possible. 

Wood, unfortunately, while being an incredibly durable material, is still an organic one. That means that it’s prone to decay and erosion either through neglect or due to the simple passage of time. Paint or stains protecting the frame from the elements can chip or wear away, insects like termites can decide to make their home in it, or the simple wear and tear of one season after another over the years may be enough to damage the frame. 

If you have older wooden frames, but no historical imperative to preserve a home’s structure, consider upgrading to modern windows and vinyl frames. New windows come with added features, such as layers of gas between panes that provide further insulation. Modern materials for the frames mean greater durability without needing to take any extra maintenance measures. 

You’re Experiencing Higher Energy Bills 

Keeping a home warm in the winter, or cool in the summer can have as much as 25-30% of the cost attributable to the quality of the windows. This is because the windows themselves, unlike other parts of the home, are transparent, and can both admit and radiate heat and light. It’s the reason rooms with sunlight coming in are warmer than rooms with no windows. 

If you notice that you are paying more for your heating and cooling bills every month, and you haven’t had any significant work done to your home, one culprit may be your windows. Older windows, with breaks in the frame, may be leaking in air from the outside, forcing your environmental systems to work longer and harder. 

You’re Seeing Condensation 

Moisture forming between panes of glass that can mean you’ve got breaks or leaks in your seal somewhere. This can eventually lead to the formation of mold within the window itself, which is both unsightly and potentially a health hazard especially for people with respiratory conditions like asthma. Condensation between glass panes is especially tricky, and potentially damaging since this can affect the entire window and frame.  

If you’re thinking it may be time to get your windows replaced, contact ACR Contracting INC. We can come to your home, assess your window situation and come up with new, durable, attractive and energy efficient solutions in Akron. 

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