What Color Should Your Home Siding Be?

What Color Should Your Home Siding Be?

Maybe you’ve just bought a home in Akron and Canton, OH and now you want to make it more truly your own. Or you’ve been living in your home for a while, but you’ve decided that it’s time for a change; you’re no longer crazy about the color that your exterior currently shows off to the rest of the world.

There are plenty of good reasons why you might want to change the color of your home’s exterior in Akron and Canton, OH, but regardless of the reason, you’ve got a big choice ahead of you. Choosing a color isn’t something that should be done impulsively. Repainting an exterior takes time and effort, and the result, if done correctly is going to be with you for years, if not decades. Whatever color you choose next, that is going to be the first thing you and others see whenever they get near your home. So which color works best for you? Unsurprisingly, you have many choices.

Blue-Grey For Safety

Some people may not want to stand out and prefer that their home is more demure, blending into the background of other homes in the neighborhood, without loudly drawing attention to itself. For people that prefer the more quiet, understated look, blue-grey is a popular choice. However, just because the predominant color is more muted, this doesn’t mean you can’t put in brighter accents on trim, doors and window frames for contrast!

Red and White

A classic color combination, but also one that stands out a lot. While some homeowners would rather have properties that don’t draw attention to themselves, other owners prefer to have all eyes irresistibly drawn to their home. For those owners, the red and white combination gets results. While some equate red and white with a barn, the hue of red you choose can have a huge impact on the final look of the home, and make it really stand out in any neighborhood.

The Yellow Band

For something that sits somewhere in the middle of the blue-red spectrum, picking yellow gives many options. Depending on the hue and intensity of yellow, it can be as understated as blue-grey, or, if you go for a brighter, stronger intensity, is capable of standing out just as much as red and white. This is a color that can adjust depending on the statement you want to make while retaining its original hue.


We don’t recommend a pure, intense white for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that the brightest, whitest of whites is going to visibly show dirt accumulation very quickly, especially once different seasons start rolling in. So unless you don’t mind having a visibly dirty house, or are willing to put in the maintenance, power washing your exterior on a very regular basis, this may be too high maintenance a choice. Off-white, on the other hand, can be easier to manage, while giving you the flexibility of different trims to complement it.

Whatever choice you make for the color of your home in Akron and Canton, OH make sure that it’s a selection you’re happy with, and that most represents who you are!

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