Why You Should Replace Your Roof This Fall

Why You Should Replace Your Roof This Fall

For most homes, a good roof lasts for decades.  Even the cheapest option, asphalt shingles, should last for around 20 years, and good slate shingles can last for a century.  However, all the wind, water, and snow add up over the years, and even the most durable roof will eventually need replacing if you don’t want water to start leaking into your attic and your upper rooms.

Still, assuming you spotted the signs before your roof started leaking, you can afford to wait and choose a month or a season for your roof replacement to take place.  The best time depends a lot on the climate in your local area, especially the temperature and the amount of rainfall you get.  However, for most of the United States, including Ohio, the best time to bring in some roof contractors is sometime during the fall.

Hot But Not Too Hot

Whatever the temperature is outside, it always feels hotter when you’re standing on a roof.  Asphalt shingles (the most common roofing material in the country) are great at capturing and releasing heat, and that’s part of how they protect and insulate the interior.  However, this also means it’s almost unbearable to work on a roof on a hot, dry day, and it needs to be dry since you’re exposing the bare roof beneath your shingles.

In fall, temperatures go down, but they can still stay above around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  That’s essential for letting shingles seal properly because the seals need heat energy to work properly.  On top of that, asphalt shingles become brittle and hard to work with once the temperature drops below freezing.

Avoid The Snow

Waiting too long to replace your roof will mean going through another winter of snowstorms, icicles, and big heaps of snow that gather on rooftops.  Just one of those things is enough of a reason to cancel a roof replacement job, and winter has plenty of all three to deal with.  Winter snow and ice also deal the most damage to roofs, so if you have any leaks they’ll only get worse if you wait through winter.  Delayed snow and rainstorms are also the reason why spring isn’t the best season for roof replacements.

Get The Scheduling Right

It’s true enough that roofing contractors have their slowest months in winter, and you can get a good deal if you schedule a replacement between December and March.  However, you might still have trouble finding a contractor unless you scheduled the replacement months in advance (which isn’t a very good idea thanks to how unpredictable weather can be).  After all, the cold months are so slow that many roofers take on other jobs or go on vacation.

Hire A Professional Team in Akron and Canton, OH

For all of these reasons, the best season for roof repair is fall.  It doesn’t get unbearably hot like summer, it doesn’t get too cold to install shingles like in winter, and it usually doesn’t rain and snow as much as it does in spring.  So if your roof is showing its age, contact ACR Contracting and schedule your roof replacement for next fall.

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