Why Water Is The Biggest Threat To Your Roof

Why Water Is The Biggest Threat To Your Roof

For homeowners ownership is not just about enjoying your hard work; it’s also about maintaining it. You want to ensure that it remains a good purchase and, with proper care, can even increase in value, becoming not just a home but an investment.

The roof is often one aspect of homeownership that residents take for granted. It’s easy to forget about it since you don’t see it, and it has no moving parts or requires further interaction once it’s built. However, with more storms coming, it’s crucial for comfort and investment protection you prepare your roof against possible water damage. Water is one of the biggest reasons a roof loses effectiveness, and here’s why.

It’s Not Just The Roof

Water can potentially damage your roof, but it can also damage other parts of your home without proper management. For example, the foundation is a crucial component of any building that is also vulnerable to water damage.

The gutter is built on a roof to move water away from the roof and then, once on the ground level, away from the foundation. Suppose water drips from the roof down the walls of the home and into the foundation. In that case, an unprotected foundation can erode and eventually crack from water damage. A combination of water getting into permeable foundations, then freezing into ice causes an expansion that cracks the foundation and puts the whole home at risk.

Water In Your Attic Or Ceiling

While many homeowners are worried about the visible marks left by hail damage, it is the damage you don’t see immediately that poses the most significant risk. If water penetrates your roof, it can affect the framework of the roof itself, weakening it.

However, it doesn’t stop there. If it leaks through with every rainstorm or snowmelt, that water gets into the attic, attic crawlspace, and eventually the ceiling. You may look up one day and notice an unsightly stain on your ceiling, and that’s because of water damage.

It’s A Potential Health Risk

Finally, water damage can endanger the health of residents. Some types of mold can cause sickness if the spores are inhaled. Water damaging a roof and getting into a home can cause mold or algae to grow both on the roof and inside the home space itself.

Depending on the type of mold, illnesses can range from headaches to nausea to much more severe respiratory or neuromuscular conditions that can affect breathing, memory, or even the ability to concentrate or maintain control of limbs. Mold removal is also a very costly comprehensive activity that is much more invasive to home life than a roof repair.

If you want to make sure your roof is prepared to repel water and prevent water damage, we can help. Contact ACR Contracting Inc., and we can inspect your roof and, if required, take steps to repair it and keep it free from the risk of water damage for many more seasons to come.

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