What To Do When Pests Take Up Residence On Your Roof

What To Do When Pests Take Up Residence On Your Roof

It’s pretty well known what pests do when they make their way inside of homes, but what about when those pests stick to the outside of your home? Your roofing system can look like the perfect new home for area pests, and you may not even know that they’re there until they’ve caused considerable damage. For most, actually seeing your roof is somewhat difficult, so spotting the signs of a pest infestation on the roof is quite a bit different than seeing what they do inside of the home.

So, what happens when pests move in to your roof? There are several common damages seen quite frequently with roof pest infestations. Once the pest issue is taken care of, it’s important to call a professional roofing contractor to have the damages assessed and repaired quickly.


Common Roof Damages Caused By Pests

Breaking down some of the most common roof damages caused by pests can help you to see just what type of problem this can pose to your home. Some of these common damages include:


  • Acidic bird droppings – Birds may make a quick stop on your roof to give their wings a rest, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t leaving any damage behind. A bird that drops by even for a couple of moments can leave their own “droppings” behind, which are highly acidic and can cause damage to your shingles. Regular roof inspections and cleaning can keep the acidity from eating away at your roofing.


  • Roof rats – Roof rats are a common roof pest that can cause devastating damages. Rats that live on your roof can chew through your roofing materials, making their way into your home. As they chew through your roof, they can chew through electrical wiring and other important parts of your structure. Chewing through the wrong wire can lead to fast moving and catastrophic electrical fires.


  • Raccoons can cause roofing holes – Raccoons can be mischievous critters, and they can really leave behind some damage when they find their way onto your roof. They will stop at nothing to make their way inside, and this includes tearing holes in your roofing system to find their way into an attic or crawlspace and out of the cold.


  • Honeybees eating away your roofing – Honeybees do a lot of great things for the environment, but also a lot of not so great things for your roof. Honeybees will eat away your roofing materials when seeking a place to build or expand their hive.


Fixing Pest Related Roofing Damages

 When you get rid of the pests that have made their home on your roof, it’s time to take a look at the damages they may have caused. A professional roofing contractor can inspect your roof, repair the damages, and leave your home safe and sound once again. If you suspect pest related damages on your roof, contact our professionals at ACR Contracting Inc to set up an inspection with one of our professionals today.

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