These Signs Indicate Your Home May Be Ready For A New Roof

These Signs Indicate Your Home May Be Ready For A New Roof

People don't tend to give much thought to their roofs, that is, until there is a problem. Once signs begin to present themselves, then, Akron and Canton homeowners go into panic mode, and who can blame them? After all, nobody wants to have to go to sleep with a bucket on their chest to catch drips. Nor does anyone want to watch their investment crumble beneath them due to water damage.

The average lifespan for shingles is around 20-years. However, folks that reside in warmer climates might only get about 14-years or so out of the materials. Therefore, if other people in the neighborhood are getting new roofs, it may be time for you to get one too. Why? Well, neighborhood houses are typically built around the same period. Thus, the structures are the same age, and if neighbors are having issues, you could be having them soon as well.

It is a good idea to have a Akron and Canton roofer inspect your shingles after severe storms. Strong wind gusts, heavy rain, and snow can cause the pieces to go missing. Shingles that have been blown or swept away produce an eyesore that you and others can see from the street. The big problem here is that with nothing to protect against the weather, water can get inside the home. Curious persons should stay put to learn about some other signs that indicate a roof is no longer in tip-top shape.

Stains/Drips Are Present

Obviously, if water is dripping on a Akron and Canton person's head or their floor, a problem exists. It could either be plumbing, A/C, or roof related. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to get someone out to investigate the site promptly. Doing so will prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. Sometimes, attic insulation and drywall catch small amounts of H2O. They don't allow the liquid to seep through the ceiling or wall and leak.

As such, stains will form on the sheetrock. The spots are not always easy to detect as they can be small and inconspicuous. Then again, shadows make them hard to see as well. Still, though, homeowners should be on the lookout for discoloration as that is usually a tell-tale sign of a leak.

Is That Mold/Mildew Growing?

Take a peek at your outer walls beneath the gutters. If black or green fungus is growing, the downspouts may need to be cleaned or repaired to prevent sagging. When left as-is, standing water could puddle on different parts of the roof. In turn, a leak is likely to form. Plus, nobody wants mold to become part of the equation as the substance can affect the health of household members.

Spots On Exterior Walls

Glance around outside just below your roof line every now and again. When spots can be found in this location, this could indicate an issue where the walls and roof meet. These blemishes might be caused by a problem with your flashing or something else. So, call in a professional to examine and fix the conundrum.

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