Preparing Your Roof For The Winter Season

Preparing Your Roof For The Winter Season

The winter season can be brutal on your ((blog, City)), ((blog, State)) roof. The best way to make sure your roofing system is prepared for winter is to act earlier rather than later. While it may be late summer now, fall will be here before we know it, and from there the air will continue to crisp until we hit that peak ((blog, City)), ((blog, State)) winter season. There are a number of different preparations you should make before winter, so starting in early fall to make sure you’re all set is always recommended. In this way, if you find that there’s a need for an extensive repair on your ((blog, City)), ((blog, State)) roof, you have plenty of time to fully make the repair before you really need to worry about the elements of winter getting in.

 Ice, falling debris, and heavy snow are just a few common abuses your roof will be dealing with this winter, and it takes a strong roofing system to ensure your home will remain protected. Your roof is what stands between your home and the elements outside, so you’ll want to keep it strong all throughout the year.


Preparations To Begin Making Now


Taking these first steps in preparing your roof for winter might leave you wondering where you should begin. A few preparations you should begin looking into now are:


  • Check the roof’s framework – The framework of your roof is its very bones, and they bring strength and dependability to your overall roofing system. Inspections from a professional roofing contractor will check for sagging or damage that could be the sign of a roofing system on the brink of failure. A failure to inspect your framework before winter could leave you with a roof cave-in under the weight of heavy snow or ice.


  • Investigate flashing – During a pre-winter roofing inspection, the flashing should also be investigated by a professional roofing contractor. Most leaks will occur in the areas along the flashing, and one strong storm can be enough to knock flashing loose. Having your flashing checked before winter sets in ensures you won’t be dealing with flashing leaks once seasonal snows and cold rain push through.


  • Check gutters – While gutter systems and roofing systems may be different, damaged gutters can quickly lead to damaged roofing. If your roofing inspection determines loose gutters, call a gutter professional to have your gutters tightened to ensure overflow does not go on to damage your roof.


Keeping Your Roof Safe And Healthy


A safe and healthy roofing system is a happy roofing system. With pre-winter inspections, like pre-summer inspections, you’re ensuring your roof is strong and capable of whatever Mother Nature may throw your way. All inspections and preparations should be done with the help of a professional roofing contractor, and roofing repairs are not the sort of home projects that should be approached in a DIY fashion. If you’re looking for a professional roofing contractor to assess and address your roof before this winter season, call us at ACR Contracting Inc today.

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