5 Ways To Spot Water Drainage Problems

5 Ways To Spot Water Drainage Problems

Every decent home in Akron and Canton, OH is going to have a gutter on the roof to protect the home from too much rainwater. However, the gutter and how well it functions is something that many people tend to forget about. After all, it’s not like a furnace or engine that has a lot of moving parts, it just “sits there,” so how much maintenance does it need?

Even though gutters work on a very simple, elegant system, it’s still important for every home Akron and Canton, OH that they work. But is there a way to know what’s going on with your gutter without having to climb a ladder and inspect it yourself regularly? There are five signs you should be keeping an eye out for.

Paint Peeling

If your exterior is made of wood and painted, or you’ve painted your metal/vinyl siding after the fact, then damaged paint is a big hint that your gutters have a drainage problem. Raindrops hitting your paint shouldn’t affect anything, but the amounts of water that come from a gutter can, with time, peel paint.

Leaky Basements

If your basement is unfinished, and you go down and see that water is penetrating from the walls, or your basement is finished, and you find the floor or carpet wet, if you’re lucky, the problem may be your gutter. Water getting into your basement isn’t always the result of a broken foundation that needs an expensive foundation repair. The amount of water that runs down the side of a house from a gutter with drainage problems can be significant enough to cause a basement leakage. So try checking your gutter before making an expensive call for basement waterproofing or foundation repair.

Moldy Attics

It’s not just the basement that can give you a hint; your attic can too! The fascia boards are the parts of the roof that hold the gutters. If these boards get too wet, they can rot or break, and any rot, such as mold, can spread to other parts of the roof. Mold in your attic means water is getting in somewhere, which either indicates a leak in your roof or moisture from the gutters.

Mulch Is Missing

If you have mulch on your property and you notice you need to replenish it often, this could be because of improper drainage. If water is coming down the side of your house and then flowing towards your mulch, it can wash that mulch away.

Cracked Walls

Take a walk around your home and inspect the foundation. If you see some cracks, this could be caused by excessive water flow. While it’s true that years of wear and tear will eventually affect the foundation, water damage can accelerate the time table for this, and a damaged foundation can be very expensive to repair.

For homeowners in Akron and Canton, OH, it’s important to try and keep an eye out for signs that your gutter and its drainage function may be acting up. By fixing this one relatively inexpensive problem quickly, you can save yourself from one much more expensive trouble down the road.

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