3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Roof

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Roof

Anyone that owns a home in Akron and Canton, OH is busy managing other aspects of finance, like savings for the future of the children, handling repairs in the home, or, of course, the mortgage. With all that going, it’s easy to be thankful for having a literal roof over your head, but just as easy to forget that a roof doesn’t last forever.

That’s why, if you want to make your money and your home last here in Akron and Canton, OH, you should always give some thought to ensuring your roof is in good shape. With climate change meaning more storms are coming; your roof is going to be more important than ever before. Here are four things you can do every year to ensure that it continues to protect you, your home and your family.

Trim Branches Getting Too Close

Trees grow and become more beautiful with time, but once those trees grow branches that are reaching out towards your roof, it’s time to start trimming. While many people worry about the kind of “upfront” damage caused by a large branch falling through a roof, much damage can occur through smaller, constant contact.

Tree branches constantly scratching at shingle due to the wind blowing, for example, may in time loosen and tear those shingles off. If a branch gets under a shingle, stays there, and continues to grow, that will also damage your roof. Trim tree branches before this happens.

Clean Your Gutter

The gutter should always carry water away from your roof and, ultimately, your home. However, if you have trees, falling branches and leaves can get caught in the gutter. This will eventually block the water flow.

If this happens, a few things can occur as a consequence. Water that overflows from the gutter can drip down the side of the house and possibly into the basement if your home has one. This can be either as minor as a leaky basement or as major as damaging drywall if the basement is already finished. This can also mean water remains on the roof, eventually penetrating it, and damaging an attic, insulation, or even ceiling depending on how thorough the water penetration is.

Get An Inspection

When in doubt, call in the experts. Someone should always get up on the roof and conduct a thorough inspection. If you have a multi-level home, you may be uncomfortable with getting a ladder that goes all the way up. A professional roofer, however, has the experience and the gear to safely get to the top of your roof, and then check it out. You may even want to do this after a storm if you suspect hail damage.

An inspection can quickly locate loose or missing shingles, and replace them if need be, for a minor repair that costs very little compared to the major fix of a roof that’s been neglected for years. If you’d like to know what the state of your roof is here in Akron and Canton, OH we can help. Contact ACR Contracting Inc., and we can give your roof a complete inspection and warn you of any issues you should take care of.

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