3 Signs You Should Maintain Or Replace Your Commercial Rooftop

3 Signs You Should Maintain Or Replace Your Commercial Rooftop

People don’t often think about roofs, at least not until they fail and rain starts leaking into the building or squirrels build a nest for themselves in the attic space.  However, no building is complete without a roof to keep the sun and rain off your products, your equipment, and your employees, and if something about your roof goes wrong it could easily cost you thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Fortunately, there are several signs that it’s time to do something about your Akron and Canton, OH-area roof.

1. Leaks And Discolorations

A leaky roof is a major signal that something is wrong with your roof and you need to fix it quickly.  Water can do a lot of damage to untreated wood, leather, cloth, fiberglass, and other materials, especially once mold and bacteria start to use that moisture to grow.  Setting out a bucket to catch a leak can help, but you should fix your roof before the next major storm if you want to avoid even more expensive repairs later.

However, sometimes it’s hard to notice when your roof is leaking.  The leak may travel down a wall instead of into a room, or it might leak enough to soak the ceiling space without dripping down any farther.  Because of this, you should also keep your eyes open for discolorations and stains.  These stains can indicate that water is pooling or soaking into an area on the other side of the wall or ceiling.  It can be hard to trace these stains back to the location of the leak, but they almost always mean that your roof is damaged or faulty.

2. Standing Water

Many commercial rooftops are flat, and that can create challenges that angled rooftops don’t have to worry about.  Angled rooftops allow water to flow down the sides and into the drainage system, but flat rooftops can allow water to gather in puddles or pools and stay there until it can finally evaporate away.  This water is dangerous because it can weaken the roof and lead to bigger puddles and eventually leaks.  Be sure to inspect your flat Akron and Canton, OH rooftop after a big storm and see if water is pooling anywhere.

3. Bad Design Or Repairs

Not every roofing company is as professional and experienced as it should be, and even the best experts can have off days.  Sometimes a company will install a roof incorrectly and create a weakness that won’t show itself until years later, and sometimes a repair job doesn’t work because the roofers did a bad job or they didn’t know about the real problem.  If something looks off or your roof leaks way too soon, you may want a second opinion from a different roofing company.

If your commercial building has roof issues, it’s time to call in the professionals.  In Akron and Canton, OH, that means you should call ACR Contracting, Inc. Our professional roofing team is ready to inspect, repair, or replace your roof efficiently and effectively.

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