3 Reasons Its Time To Repair Your Roof This Summer

3 Reasons Its Time To Repair Your Roof This Summer

With summer here in Akron, Ohiomost homeowners will be paying attention to taking care of landscape on the property, like making sure the lawn is regularly cut, or, if there’s a garden, tending to it and watching flowers or vegetables grow. 

However, this is also a great time in Akron and Canton, to think about investing in some other aspects of your property. One is something that people often forget about because it’s so easy to lose sight of it; your roof. But summer is the best time to think about doing some roof maintenance or repair, and here are three of the biggest reasons why. 

Winter Is Coming 

It’s a weird thing to say since it’s summer right now, but on the other hand, winter arrived last year and depending on whether there were storms or not, you may have experienced some damage. If you can spot visible damage, especially if it’s small, you shouldn’t leave it alone, because small damage is faster and cheaper to fix. 

Leaving it alone, however, can turn into bigger damage that will end up costing you more money in the long run. This is especially true if it results in leaks that get into your house. 

Lower Those Energy Bills 

In the same way, getting your roof repaired will fix up damage that prevents water leaks, these same repairs can also contribute to your energy efficiency. If you think that your energy bills for heating and cooling might have crept up this year, and not because of increased rates, it may be because your roof is causing you to use more natural gas or electricity. 

Your roof can be an important part of home insulation, keeping the processed air of a furnace in the winter, or air conditioner in the summer inside, without leaking out too much. Repairing holes, breaks, leaks, or other structural defects in your roof can be a big help in preventing that kind of leakage and help to keep your electricity or natural gas bills lower every month. 

Raise That Property Value 

In addition to keeping your bills low, fixing your roof can keep your property value up, or even raise it. This is especially important if you’re thinking of selling your home sometime soon. A repaired roof is one those “quick fixes” for increasing the chance of a sale—and a higher sale price—that is just Good Real Estate 101. 

When people are shopping for a new home, they’ve got many choices, and if they find a home that’s similar to yours but has a roof in perfect condition, they’re going to pick that home. After all, if they see a home for sale with a roof in bad shape, which might send signals to them that the rest of the home is similarly neglected condition. If nothing else, it’s also a sign to them that once they buy the home, they have to spend an additional expense fixing the roof that you didn’t.  

Summer here in Ohio is also the most climate-friendly time for roofers to come and work on your home. If you’re interested in inspection and repair of your roof, contact ACR today! 


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